Profile 6 Sheeting

Technical data
Overall width 1086mm
Net covering width 1016mm
Thickness (nominal) 6.7mm
Minimum density 1400kg/m3
Pitch of corrugation (nominal) 146.5mm
Depth of profile 47.6mm
Profile height category C
Side lap 70mm
Minimum end lap 150mm
Maximum purlin centres 1375mm
Maximum rail centres 1825mm
Maximum unsupported overhang 350mm
Approx. weight of roofing as laid
with 150mm end laps:
single skin including fixings 17kg/m2
Minimum roof pitch 5°
Measured crest to crest, the sheet has 6 full corrugations
of 146.5mm and 1 corrugation of 136.8mm.
Fixing 6.7 47.6 146.5 Fixing
1016 70

Profile 6 is a high strength fibre cement sheet
with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted
at precisely engineered locations that run along
the length of the sheet. This provides maximum
impact strength without affecting the durability
of the product.
The reinforcing strips within Profile 6 only become
effective when the sheet is fully fixed.
Profile 6 has a very broad appeal. It is designed for
roofs of 5° pitch and over and for vertical profiled
sheeting in both single skin and insulated

A comprehensive range of accessories is available
and apart from the natural grey finish, sheets and
accessories can be supplied in a wide range of
colours (see pages 48-49).
Standard lengths (mm):
1525, 1675, 1825, 1975, 2125, 2200, 2275,
2440, 2600, 2750, 2900, 3050
Farmscape lengths (mm):
1525, 2440, 2900 (see pages 40-41)
Approximate covering capacities for estimating purposes:
(1375mm purlin spacing, normal side lap, 150mm end lap)
approx 1.13m2 of material covers 1.0m2
(1375mm purlin spacing, normal side lap, 300mm end lap)
approx 1.19m2 of material covers 1.0m2