Profile 3 Sheeting

Profile 3 is easy to handle and is suitable for
small structures in the agricultural, industrial and
domestic sectors, such as garages, general
purpose sheds and smaller buildings.
A comprehensive range of accessories is available.
The sheets and accessories can be supplied in a
wide range of colours (see pages 48-49).
Standard lengths (mm):
1525mm, 1825mm, 2440mm, 2750mm & 3050mm
Approximate covering capacities for estimating purposes:
(917mm purlin spacing, normal side lap, 150mm end lap)
approx 1.27m2
of material covers 1.0m2
(917mm purlin spacing, normal side lap, 300mm end lap)
approx 1.33m2
of material covers 1.0

Technical data

Overall width 782mm
Net covering width 650.8mm
Thickness (nominal) 5.8mm
Minimum density 1400kg/m3
Pitch of corrugation (nominal) 72.3mm
Depth of profile 19.8mm


Profile height category A
Side lap 131.2mm
Minimum end lap 150mm
Maximum purlin centres 925mm
Maximum rail centres 1525mm
Maximum unsupported overhang 250mm
Approx. weight of roofing as laid
with 150 mm end laps:
single skin including fixings 14.5kg/m2
Minimum roof pitch 10°